Cool Truck Wrap Design Ideas in 2024

Thinking of wrapping your truck, and are looking for some cool inspiring design ideas? We have collected some of our favourites for you.

We have a collection of innovative, and visually captivating designs to ignite your creative spark and help you envision the perfect wrap for your truck.

Whether you’re seeking a sleek and modern aesthetic, a bold and attention-grabbing statement, or a whimsical and playful design, our carefully selected designs will undoubtedly inspire you to transform your truck into a rolling masterpiece that turns heads wherever it goes.

Can Vinyl Wraps Damage Car Paint?

What are some Truck Wrap Design Ideas?

Truck wraps are premium decals designed to partially or fully wrap a truck. These eye-catching wraps are chosen by vehicle owners for lots of reasons. Some do it to add character to their ride, while others use it as a means of advertising and brand recognition for their company. There are also those who simply want to protect the original paint job of their vehicle. Whatever the motivation may be, vinyl wraps offer a versatile and eye-catching solution.

Let’s look at some cool truck designs that are often seen making a bold, eye-catching statement in vinyl wraps.

Can Vinyl Wraps Damage Car Paint?

Things to think about with your cool truck wrap designs


Partial truck wrap

When considering truck wrap designs, there are several key factors to keep in mind:

Brand – It’s important to consider the purpose and branding of your business or organisation. The design should align with your overall brand identity and effectively communicate your message to your target audience. 

Vehicle Size – Additionally, you should think about the size and shape of your truck, as this will impact how the design is laid out and how it will appear when wrapped around the vehicle. 

Colour – Taking into account the colour scheme is crucial as well; selecting a palette that complements your brand and grabs attention is essential. 

Important info – It’s worth considering the placement of logos, contact information, and any other important details that you want to include on the wrap. These elements should be strategically positioned for maximum visibility and impact. 

Materials – Don’t forget about the durability of the materials used for the wrap. High-quality materials will ensure that your design remains vibrant and intact, even in harsh weather conditions. 

Full Truck Cabin Wrap

Full Truck Cabin Wrap

What types of Trucks are Good for Wrapping?

Truck wrapping can be applied to a wide range of vehicle types, each offering its unique advantages and opportunities for captivating designs.

Almost any type of truck can be transformed with a wrap. Whether it’s a full wrap, a half wrap or a partial wrap, there are lots of makes and models that truly shine when covered with a wrap. Here are just a few examples:

  • Ford Ranger
  • RAM
  • Toyota Hilux
  • Mercedes
  • Isuzu D-Max
  • Land Cruiser
cool truck design ideas

Placement of phone number and logo on Full Truck Cab Wrap

What are Some Cool Designs for Truck Wraps?

Looking to make your truck stand out from the crowd? Consider these cool and eye-catching designs for truck wraps:



Matte Black

Give your truck a sleek and mysterious look with a matte black wrap. This design exudes sophistication and adds an element of intrigue to your vehicle.

cool truck wrap designs

GLC63S wrapped in 3M Film Satin Dark Grey

Gold Accents

Add a touch of gold to your truck accents. Whether it’s on the wheels, hood, side mirrors, or door handles, this design creates a modern and high-performance aesthetic.

cool truck designs and ideas for wraps

Chrome Trim for this Patrol


Blend into the wild or urban environment with a camouflage wrap. This rugged and adventurous design is perfect for off-road enthusiasts or those who want to make a bold statement.

truck wrap ideas

VW Amarok

Geometric Patterns

Opt for a contemporary and artistic look with geometric patterns. From bold lines to intricate shapes, this design adds visual interest and uniqueness to your truck.

cool truck wrap designs and ideas in Australia

Mitsubishi Fuso Full Cabin Wrap


Great Outdoor Themes

Bring the beauty of nature to your truck with wraps featuring scenic landscapes, wildlife, or botanical elements. This design choice allows you to showcase your love for the great outdoors.

cool truck designs and ideas
trucks cool designs

Toyota Hilux Outdoors theme

cool truck designs and ideas

Retro Vibes

Embrace nostalgia by choosing a retro-inspired wrap for your truck. Whether it’s a throwback to the ’70s, ’80s, or ’90s, this design will turn heads and evoke a sense of nostalgia.


Ninja Turtles full van wrap

Racing Stripes

Classic yet timeless, racing stripes add a sporty touch to any truck. Choose contrasting colours or opt for metallic finishes to make your truck truly pop.

cool truck wrap designs and ideas

Custom ‘Retro’ Stripe Kit on a decked out 79 Series Land Cruiser

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Written by Cameron Gurnett, owner of CRG Designs. Cam has been designing vehicle signage, branding and wrapping cars in Melbourne over the last 15 years. 

Cam has worked on vehicles for brands such as; City Mazda Melbourne, Bob Jane T-Mart, Ray White, Cocobella, LJ Hooker and Metropolitan Plumbing + Electrical, Jim’s Plumbing. If you are interested in getting your vehicles wrapped, contact CRG Designs today. 


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