Preparing your Vehicle for a Vinyl Wrap: The FAQs

Preparing your vehicle to be wrapped is really easy. Just make sure you follow these steps for the perfect wrap finish. 

Your Vehicle Must be Clean

matte car wrap

Cleaned van in the process of being wrapped

Before applying a vinyl wrap, it’s crucial to thoroughly clean your vehicle’s surface. Remove any dirt, grime, or wax residue that could interfere with the adhesion of the vinyl. A clean canvas is essential for a smooth and professional-looking finish.

Do I wash my vehicle?

Give it a quick normal wash – this could be a normal car wash, one or two days prior to your wrap installation. 

We prefer it if it hasn’t been detailed, as when people detail it they tend to spray silicons on the vehicle.  

Don’t clean the vehicle the morning of getting the vehicle wrapped, as a wet car cannot be wrapped. Particularly a full wrap, we need the car to be fully dry.

What if it rains on the way to getting your vehicle wrapped?

satin and matte car wrap

What if it rains?

We understand that if it rains on the way to getting your vehicle wrapped, there is nothing you can do about it. This will be delt with.

But if water on the vehicle can be prevented in any way, that would be ideal. 

Check for Imperfections

boat wrap removal

Dents and scratches wont dissapppear

Inspect your vehicle for any imperfections that may affect the application of the vinyl. Take note of dents, scratches, or rust spots that need to be addressed before proceeding. 

Repairing these issues will not only enhance the appearance of your vehicle but also prevent any potential damage to the vinyl wrap.

The wrap will not hide any scratches or dints, they will still show. So you will need to get them fixed beofe the wrap is installed. 

Note: Wraps can be installed with these imperfections. But the wrap wont hide them. 

How long does it take to get a vehicle wrapped?

boat wrap removal

Gloss van wrap

A whole full vehicle wrap, normally takes 3-4 days to install. 

A half full vehicle wrap, normally takes 2-3 days to install. 

Something smaller is half a day or a few hours. 

Something very small will be ready to go when a car arrives, and can be installed while a customer waits.


Written by Cameron Gurnett, owner of CRG Designs. Cam has been designing vehicle signage, branding and wrapping cars in Melbourne over the last 15 years. 

Cam has worked on vehicles for brands such as; City Mazda Melbourne, Bob Jane T-Mart, Ray White, Cocobella, LJ Hooker and Metropolitan Plumbing + Electrical, Jim’s Plumbing. If you are interested in getting your vehicles wrapped, contact CRG Designs today. 


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