How long does a vehicle wrap last?

The lifespan of your car wrap can be changed by various factors, including;

  • Sun exposure
  • Temperature
  • How often it’s cleaned

Generally, a car wrap can last for approximately four years in normal conditions. But can last anywhere up to six years. All our gloss car wraps come with a warranty of 3 years. 

For optimal and long lasting results, entrust the installation of your car wrap to skilled technicians such as CRG Designs.

how long does a vinyal wrap last<br />

New partial vinyl wrap


Stay out of the sun 

For a wrap to last longer – If you can keep your vehicle out of the sun where possible. This could be parking in a garage rather than on the street where possible.

However we understand that most wrapped vehicles are for work purporses, so there is no choice but to park them in the sun.


Ford Ranger wrap

Tips for WASHING A WRAPPED VEHICLE to make the wrap last longer

The best way to wash your wrap<br />
Is by hand with a sponge, with normal car wash detergent.

The best way to wash a wrapped vehicle is by hand with a sponge, with normal car wash detergent. 

The best way to wash your wrapped car

Is by hand with a sponge, with normal car wash detergent. 

Dirty Rain

In Melbourne, there is a lot of dirty rain. So it’s really important to actually wash your car. Often wrapped cars are driven as work vehicles and are not cared for as well as they should be. This is because they are driven by people who don’t own the car. So make sure your vehicle is washed regularly.

Pressure washers

You can use a pressure washer on your wrapped vehicle, but you need to stay at least half a meter away from the car. Note: do not shoot any of the final edges of the wraps. If you got too close and shot it on an angle, it could lift it.

Automatic car washes

You can take your wrapped vehicle through automatic car washes. Not the brush car washes (there are not many of these left anymore).  All automatic car washes that are touch free are fine to use on your wrapped vehicle. 

Self-service car washes

The ‘do it yourself’ style car washes are also fine to use on your wrapped vehicle. However, avoid using the brushes found here, they are often filled with residue from other cars (like sand, dirt and rocks) as they can end up scratching your wrap.

Note: If the brushes are clean, then they are fine to use. 

Washing Direction

Always wash away from the edge, not against the edge.


Never wash with harsh chemicals that are designed to get rid of lots of dirt. 

Cut and Polish

You cannot cut and polish a wrap.

Soft polish

You can put a soft polish on a gloss wrap (avoid all polish on a matte and satin finish). If you want to use a polish, we recommend any of the Armor All polish. Any of the ‘wax on wax off’ type polishes you can put on. They will help with repelling dirt and water from the vehicle.

Tip: It’s always a good idea to test an area underneath the vehicle first to see how it is going to react with the wrap.



To maximise the lifespan of your vehicle wrap and ensure you get the most out of your investment, it is crucial to provide it with proper care. 

By keeping your car clean and parking it in a garage, undercover or shaded area, you can effectively prevent any potential damage to the wrap.


1969 Red Ford Mustang Mach 1


Need a wrap for your van, car, work or personal vehicle? Contact us today at  CRG Designs to schedule an appointment and take the first step towards enhancing your car. Remember, when it comes to vinyl wraps, knowledge and expertise are key. Trust our team to deliver exceptional results that exceed your expectations.


Written by Cameron Gurnett, owner of CRG Designs. Cam has been designing vehicle signage, branding and wrapping cars in Melbourne over the last 15 years. 

Cam has worked on vehicles for brands such as; City Mazda Melbourne, Bob Jane T-Mart, Ray White, Cocobella, LJ Hooker and Metropolitan Plumbing + Electrical, Jim’s Plumbing. If you are interested in getting your vehicles wrapped, contact CRG Designs today. 


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